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Ávila 2002

Highest capital of a province of Spain with 1100 m over sealevel in the north-west of Madrid. Nearly 50.000 inhabitants. We (that are Sandra, Alfons, Rune and me) went there with a rented car. After a curvy trip, first through Madrid - not knowing how to get out of the city - then through the mountains and Sandra feeling a bit sick we reached the city where the wall has not fallen yet.

El Escorial

Before we got to Ávila we passed El Escorial.
Somewhere in the fog you can find a castle.


The most famous sight in Ávila: the entirely preserved city wall.
2500 m long, 90 towers, 9 gates.
Origin in the 11th century.
P.S.: The photo was taken vertically, so the wall is straight in reality -
just to avoid questions like I was asked when showing the real photos.

Chicken Run

Rune making the stork.
(You know, these animals that are supposed to bring the babies!)


A photo with a mixture of at least 4 or 5 different "architectural styles".
On the right the ancient wall of Ávila, then in orange-beige a modernish house,
at its side a house in a medievalish style build some years or decades agos, but with a bright-grey railing recently added.
On the left the city wall of Ávila again,
and a bit in the back: A tower that - according to its bricks - apparently doesn't belong to the city wall as it seems to be too new.


A picture taken with the "delayed-action shutter release" (thank you, my dictionary!).
Rune and I found this to be an excellent shot and we tried to make the photo.
We had 10 seconds to get to Sandra and Alfons, had to run over several stairs, make several turns and jumps and...
...we didn't make it. :-((
A as you can see on the picture: We are still running behind Sandra and Alfons.

Annotation: People with strong religious feelings I recommend to skip the next to photos.

Put your hands up in the air...

Mary's Prayer.


But I AM quiet!

Our trip continues - to Salamanca

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